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The Sopher Group currently owns and manages commercial properties totaling over 300,000 square feet in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan.  The Sopher portfolio consists of 112 tenants, 80% of which are retail; the remainder are comprised of office, community and healthcare facilities. Sopher maintains its properties with exceptional detail.  Employees visit properties on a daily basis managing  maintenance needs that may arise as well as working with tenants large and small to optimize and enhance property appearance and value.


The retail units vary from local small businesses such as pharmacies, beauty/nail salons and supply stores, to fast food establishments, delis, cafes, as well as laundromats, dry cleaners, liquor stores, and cell phone stores, among others.


The current strategy of Sopher is two fold:

First, to create additional value through careful management and maintenance and by thoughtfully combining complementary, non-competitive use tenants in each property, allowing us to position the properties to increase their revenue streams.


Second, where possible, to reconfigure and expand certain properties, either to construct additional floors for additional retail or office use, or to create a mixed-use residential building above.

Sopher maintains its properties with exceptional detail.  Using the latest technology to connect with the Department of Buildings and other NYC websites, Sopher is vigilant to maintain all buildings to code and ensure buildings are up-to-date with inspections and violation free.  Sopher employees visit properties on a daily basis and work with local vendors to manage maintenance needs.

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