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The Sopher Family has deep roots in the Bronx. Morris and Marilyn Sopher started from humble beginnings in the Bronx, both children of Immigrants. Morris' parents owned a small dry goods store on 3rd Avenue in the Bronx. Marilyn's father was an artist and sign painter with the WPA. She grew up in the Crotona Park section of the Bronx.

Morris and Marilyn Sopher began purchasing small properties in the Bronx in the 1970's and eventually assembled one of the largest retail property portfolios in the Bronx. Marilyn and Morris had three children, Barbara, Jonathan and Lisa who continue to dedicate their time and attention to operating the family's properties in the Bronx.


The Sophers remain committed to serving the local community by providing a mix of local retail stores and national tenants to serve the surrounding residential neighborhoods of the Bronx. The Sopher portfolio currently consists of over 100 stores. The local store owners who rent from the Sophers are a diverse group, comprised of immigrants to the US as well local New Yorkers and native Bronxites in search of a better life.


The current strategy of Sopher is two fold:

First, to create additional value through careful management and maintenance and by thoughtfully combining complementary, non-competitive use tenants in each property, allowing Sopher to position the properties to increase their revenue streams.


Second, where possible, to reconfigure and expand certain properties, either to construct additional floors for additional retail or office use, or to create a mixed-use residential building above.

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